Living in Akihabara (Akiba ni Sumu)

This site is Doujinshi-circle named "Living in Akihabara", in Japanese it called "Akiba ni Sumu".
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Attending Events

DateEventsVenueSpaceNew Publishing
Aug. 13(Sun)Comic Market 92Tokyo BigsightEast 2 Hall U-60aCompleted!
Aug. 20(Sun)COMITIA 121Tokyo Bigsight East 5,6 HallM24b(none)
Sep. 24(Sun)Akicolle Part8Akihabara UDX(planning apply)(none)
Oct. 28(Sat)Omoshiro Doujinshi Basar 4BELLSALLE Jimbocho(planning apply)(none)



LIA26 Cover We have completed the production of our new book(Doujinshi) named "Akiba ni Sumu VOL.26" which will be published in Comic Market 92.
The feature story of this book is "Two station from Akihabara station". In this book, we introduce about living in two station from Akihabara st such as Jimbocho, Nezu, Ueno, Tokyo and so on.
This book is Full-Color text.
We published Sample Thumbnail image.


Circle Cut We will attend in Comic Market 92. Our place is East 2 Hall U-60a on Thurd day(Aug. 13). We will publish one new book(Doujinshi) in Comic Market 92. Our new book is titled "Akiba ni Sumu VOL.26"(Feature story: Living in the one or two stations from Akihabara).

About Us

Living in Akihabara (Akiba ni Sumu) is Doujinshi-circle which is in active in information genre. We are publishing magazines(Doujinshis) about "Akihabara Electric town from the view point of Living". Representative of the circle is realy living in Akihabara(Sotokanda Chiyoda City Tokyo).
We are mainly attending Review/Information genre(Code:600) of Comic Market.
Our activity is doing only privately hobby, and we are not related to Chiyoda City or realestate companies or etc.

See also:Living in Akihabara Circle Profile 2015(Published Mar. 2015) All pages pdf(5.2MB)

How to get our books

You can get our books at Doujinshi marketplace(Comic Market, COMITIA, Aki-Colle, etc.), and Doujinshi-shop(COMIC ZIN, Tranoana, Melon Books).

Last updated on 2017/07/20